Twitter’s “Unconventional History Teacher” Elexus Jionde will speak at the Kinston Arts Center at 400 N. Queen St. on April 6 at 7 p.m.

Elexus Jionde, better known on Twitter as @Lexual_, founded Intelexual Media to create a platform for her history lessons, which center on stories of black struggles, many of which otherwise go untold.

Jionde, the founder of Intelexual Media, has written numerous threads on stories of black struggles and white privilege for her audience of more than 40,000 and has been featured in a variety of articles about race and the future of media.

“How the Past Affects the Present” will explore how history is taught while exploring historically overlooked local stories, like the 1951 walkout at Adkin High School, and how urban planning in the 20th century exacerbates the socioeconomic challenges facing cities across the country today.

Kinston Teens is partnering with SmART Kinston to bring Jionde’s messages about youth empowerment to Lenoir County through a weekend teaching artist residency, which will explore how local issues can be solved through art.