Elexus Jionde, the unconventional history teacher, speaks with Kinston teens after her lecture at the Community Council for the Arts on April 6, 2017.

Elexus Jionde, better known on Twitter as @Lexual_, founded Intelexual Media to create a platform for her history lessons, which center on stories of black struggles, many of which otherwise go untold. The founder of Intelexual Media, Jionde has written numerous threads on stories of black struggles and white privilege for her audience of more than 40,000 and has been featured in a variety of articles about race and the future of media and created on-location content for her media company this spring.

By Emily Sides

Elexus Jionde, founder of Intelexul Media, attended Bad and Beautiful on April 7 as part of a residency in the Arts & Cultural District.

SmART Kinston Executive Director Ty Johnson said he invited Jionde because of her perspective on history. Jionde, who is known as the Unconventional History Teacher, produces two-minute, easy-to-follow videos that explain history.

Jionde said eighth grader Nikaya Newborn’s reading of her poem ‘The Place I am From’ made her tear up. She said the program made her think about how sexual assault is underreported.

Jionde visited Kinston to produce two videos.

Jionde came up with the idea to produce a two-minute history video about when 700 black students walked out from Adkin High School in 1951.